3 Steps You and Your Teen Can Take Right Now to Get More Scholarships

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2021


Your teen still feels isolated from their friends, they’re bored, and they have watched every TV series they can get their hands on, and snapchatted or TikTokd until their eyes bulge out. As you’re contemplating the million things on your plate, they pass through the living room, executing a perfect teen “flop.” You know, when they flop, flop, flop across the floor and pause next to the couch, give a loud sigh and FLOP into the couch? Yes, that’s the teen “flop.” It’s not pretty.

This is when you put on your Tony Robbins motivational speaker hat. I know, I know, you could make them go clean their room or do one of 100 chores around the house, but if you could get them to do this one thing, I think it would be well worth their time (and yours). Let’s cut their future college costs, and let’s start today, right now, before college.

I’ve heard it said that the picture of our current life situation is the...
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